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On the Digimon characters and characterization in the dub


This post is not intended to make an argument towards anything in particular - the purpose of this post is purely informational. Mainly, it’s because in regards to the American English dub of Digimon and the original, there are a lot of people who have seen one and not the other, leading to a lot of confusion when people start arguing over interpretations of characters when technically they’re not even arguing over the exact same character.

There is bias in this post in the sense that I’m doing analysis and that my view of the characters may differ from others, but in regards to talking about “which one’s better”, there will be none of that. This is straight-up analysis for the purpose of helping anyone who’s into headcanon/fanfic, so hopefully this will be useful to someone out there.

This post covers Adventure and 02 only, mainly because Tamers, Frontier, and Savers/Data Squad don’t have so much observable change as to cause severe differences. Fusion, in my opinion, merits a post, but I think that should probably wait until Fusion’s done and I’ve actually finished it.

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NEVER forget the Digi-Bowl.

True fact: I was sick the day this aired so I watched it in a daze on my couch and it gave me the craziest fever dreams


NEVER forget the Digi-Bowl.

True fact: I was sick the day this aired so I watched it in a daze on my couch and it gave me the craziest fever dreams


it always bugged me that Digmon was an insect Digimon, with wings under wing-casing but he was never able to fly. I get that he might be too heavy or something but that didn’t stop a Digimon like Blackwargreymon from soaring majestically through the sky…

I think he flew once or twice though? Pretty sure he did in the insect house episode, but I could be remembering wrong.

tho yeah it was weird that he was considered an insect-type



Digimon Adventure Crest Replica

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7 Chosen Children were teleported to the Digital World and thus their adventure of a lifetime began. What it brought to us was also a year full of adventures in the Digital World, which we still look back fondly on.

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